Smart Water Dispensers

a new generation of

water dispensers


CASL have developed a new generation of water dispensers with a superior design aimed at addressing cross contamination issues. This COVID friendly design address the issues of today and tomorrow.


As the person


steps up to the water dispenser built in sensors detect when to open or close the water dispensing unit. Once the drinking container is placed within the chamber the door closes. UV-C light technology is harnessed to disinfect the chamberincluding the drink container placed inside.




After the chamber has been disinfected built-in height sensors are used to provide a hands-free water filling experience. Simply then the chamber door opens to allow the drink to be removed and then closes again to provide automatic sanitisation before the next user.

Inside the unit


it self is a novel customisable filtration system with the ability to hold 2 to 6 filters for therequired treatment level depending on location area.If the user prefers not to fill their container to the very top the built-in foot pedals below provide manual filling offering flexibility as to the amount of water to be filledIn addition to the standalone design.



CASL have also developed a retrofit product which is the very first product of its kind in the market and can be used alongside existing water dispensers to minimise user contact risks.CASL’s novel water dispensers provide a safe and hygienic way to access water in public and work spaces whilst reducing the potential of micro bialtransmission