We are an innovation-driven group based in Southampton, developing state-of-the-art water recycling and energy saving solutions. Our Team is very experienced in the development of advanced sustainable solutions for buildings and developments, with a view to support the world leaders’ goal of NET ZERO cities and products.
For each project (both residential and commercial buildings or settings), we first conduct a comprehensive survey on water and energy consumption, appliances, use habits and behaviour. We then use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to identify a cluster of optimal solutions, from which the customer can choose. These solutions are often comprised of a number of technologies or appliances (for example: heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, efficient boilers, solar systems, water efficient appliances, greywater systems, rainwater harvesting systems, carwash and train wash water recycling systems and so on) controlled by a smart controller/programmer system which is tailored for each customer. We then design the systems and arrange the installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
Our team has considerable experience in grant applications, and we aid our customers in accessing any available funding or incentives.

We also provide the following services;

• Domestic and non-domestic energy consumption audit and EPC
• Heat loss calculation and visualisation
• Radiator sizing and upgrading
• Water consumption and saving survey and audit
• Environmental assessment and life time assessment.