Route to Net Zero

Becoming carbon neutral is not only good for the environment, but it can also affect your profitability. 

While tracking and controlling the current and future carbon emissions and becoming Net-Zero is the destination for businesses, it is not easy to find/identify a clear, practical route to achieve this goal.

Our ‘Route to Net-Zero’ service provides clients who wish to adopt a net-zero carbon philosophy for their business with a holistic approach to managing their short-term carbon footprint reduction targets and the long-term transition to net-zero carbon. The service includes measuring the business impact on the planet and establishing carbon-reduction frameworks and strategies to optimise their operations.

We help businesses develop strategies in line with the 1.5°C future to limit the impact of climate change on the planet and will provide support and high-quality independently-verified climate solutions to balance out residual emissions by the business. We can help our client with three types of validation: self-validation, validation from the non-accredited organisation, and independent third-party validation.

Our approach includes six major steps:

1.Primary Carbon Footprint Calculation

Your path to NET-ZERO begins with a preliminary carbon footprint calculation. CAESL collects data on CO2 emissions from companies at three different levels:

  • Direct carbon emission: gas supply emissions, company vehicles, air-conditioning units, etc.
  • Indirect carbon emissions caused by your organisation’s electricity purchased and consumed: purchase electricity, heat, etc.
  • Indirect emissions that occur during your business activities and processes: purchased goods and services, business travels, employees commuting, waste disposal.

Using an accurate calculator, all the data gets analysed and calculated.


2.EPC+ and Carbon Management Plan

EPC+, which has been developed by our very own team, we comprehensively assess the organisation’s performance and develop a detailed carbon management plan and optimal solutions tailored to your business’s needs and unique situation.

3.Carbon Footprint Monitoring

To ensure the highest quality, performance and the related data of your chosen solutions are monitored annually, and all the results are compared to last year’s results.

4.Offsetting & Implementation

On the journey of becoming Net-Zero, offsetting plays an important role. In order to thoroughly address the company’s carbon footprint and become completely carbon neutral, you will receive a list of proposed schemes and solutions so that it completely offsets business practices on the environment.

Your chosen solutions and schemes then get implemented and utilised.

5.Ultimate Carbon Footprint Calculation

Offsetting is not the end of the journey. Once implemented, we monitor and recalculate your company’s carbon footprint (often once a year), ensuring your path to becoming a NET-ZERO company is on the right track.


To show your commitment to the mission of becoming NET-ZERO to your customers or any other stakeholders, we provide the certificates that validate your current NET-ZERO plan.

CAESL can also provide certificates for Blue Buildings (i.e., water-efficient buildings with at least 50% water recycling) and for Blue-Green Buildings (i.e. water and energy efficient buildings).

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