Smart Water Dispensers

Water coolers and dispensers in public/work settings have been removed, taped off or unused due to the risk of cross-contamination (spread by touching). This issue was significantly exacerbated during the pandemic and the increased risk of Covid-19 transmission. Consequently, people in public and work settings were and are still deprived of their basic need i.e., access to safe drinking water. Many people thought the pandemic would end by the end of 2021, which is unfortunately not right. Besides, concerns surrounding the contamination of WDs are not exclusive to this pandemic. Many studies and projects reported that the majority of WDs in public places carry high microbial counts, above what is recommended for any drinking water facilities.

CAESL has developed a state-of-the-art patent-protected water dispensing system to drive consumer health and safety. This smart technology promotes the resurgence of water dispensers in public areas during and following the Covid-19 pandemic. It minimises the risk of utilising water dispensers through reducing the potential of microbial transmission (i.e. cross-contamination). This innovation aims to contribute to the UK’s recovery and the establishment of new and modified ‘normal’ habits and ways of working. This technology can be called “the next generation of water dispensers”.


  • Minimizing the risk of using water dispensers in public places

  • Promotes a healthy brand image

  • Help reduce the production and use of water bottles


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