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Energy and water efficiency and management are rapidly growing fields with significant impact potential. However, many businesses struggle to navigate the challenges associated with these areas. At CAESL, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support on your sustainability journey, enabling you to contribute to the global goals of Decarbonisation, NET ZERO, and Blue-Green Cities.
Our team of highly experienced designers and consultants, equipped with extensive academic, industrial, and business backgrounds, is committed to delivering advanced, practical, and sustainable solutions for various sectors, including commercial and residential buildings, and industrial processes and so on. Our focus is on achieving the utmost water and energy efficiency while optimising costs.
Our tailored services are particularly suitable for large organisations that aspire to:

  • Embrace greener and more sustainable practices
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Comply with the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)
  • Implement effective energy management systems to reduce energy and water costs
  • Conduct thorough energy audits to identify and prioritize energy-saving opportunities.

It is noteworthy that our team has considerable experience in preparing grant applications related to sustainability and net zero projects, and we aid our customers in accessing any available funding or incentives.

At CAESL, we bring a wealth of experience in securing grants for decarbonisation, sustainability, and net zero projects. We understand the importance of accessing funding and incentives to drive forward your organization’s energy goals.
Our range of services is designed to help large businesses unlock their full energy-saving potential and embrace a sustainable future:



EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate, which has become a vital rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of different buildings. The drawback of EPC is that the ratings and suggestions are based on assumptions instead of facts. In EPC+ (a concept developed CAESL), we comprehensively and analytically assess both the energy and water performance of each building in two phases:

Phase one: From Data collection to Solution Selection

In this phase, all the related data gets collected and thoroughly analysed, possible issues get detected, and customers are given a detailed list of solutions tailored to their need from which they can choose the best options.

Phase two: Project Management

After the first phase, our team of experts continues to support you through this journey by providing several different services depending on your selected solutions and technologies.

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Route to Net-Zero

Becoming carbon neutral is not only good for the environment, but it can also help with your profitability. 

Our ‘Route to Net-Zero’ service helps clients manage their short-term and long-term carbon footprint reduction targets. We help businesses develop strategies in line with the 1.5°C future to limit the impact of climate change. Our approach includes six major steps:

  • Carbon Footprint Calculations
  • EPC+ and Carbon Management Plan
  • Carbon Footprint Monitoring
  • Off-setting and Implementation
  • Ultimate Carbon Footprint Calculations
  • Certification

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Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Our experts guide you through ESOS compliance, ensuring you meet the requirements and identify valuable energy-saving opportunities. We help you navigate the regulatory landscape with ease.

Energy Management Systems ISO 50001:

Achieve maximum efficiency with our ISO 50001-compliant energy management systems. We develop tailored solutions that empower your organization to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability.

Energy Audit based on ISO 50002:

Uncover untapped energy-saving potential through our comprehensive energy audits. Our ISO 50002-aligned approach allows us to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, paving the way to greater energy efficiency.


Other Services

In addition to our core services, we offer a range of other complementary solutions tailored to your specific needs:

  • Domestic and non-domestic energy consumption audit and EPC
  • Heat loss calculation and visualisation
  • Radiator sizing and upgrading
  • Water consumption and saving survey and audit
  • Environmental and life cycle assessments.

Partner with CAESL and gain a competitive edge in the pursuit of decarbonisation, sustainability, and net zero. Together, we can unlock a greener, more resilient future for your business.

Contact us today to explore how our expertise can propel your organization towards a sustainable tomorrow.”

Note: The list of services provided can be expanded and tailored to match the actual services offered by CAESL.


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