Smart Solar Panels

An Innovative Energy Absorber to Improve the Performance and the Efficiency of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

High ambient temperatures have negative impacts on the performance and efficiency of PV cells for electricity

generation. For example, in a solar power plant with a capacity of 1 MW per day, the production is at least 10% less in August in a tropical region. High (rising) ambient temperatures have other negative effects on PV panels as listed below:

  • Severe decrease in panel efficiency at temperatures above 40°C (approximately 1% decrease in panel efficiency per degree);
  • Reduction in the lifespan and longevity of photovoltaic cells, which reduces the life of the solar power plant;
  • Impossibility to replace the damaged cell due to heat and the high cost of complete panel replacement;
  • Reduction in the production of solar power plants prolongs the return on investment in these projects.

Nowadays, some fluids such as water, phase change materials, nanofluids, etc. are used to cool solar panels. However, due to the high cost of these materials, as well as the high cost of maintenance, the application of the systems using these fluids is not of great interest to manufacturers and stakeholders. 

To this end, CAESL has developed an innovative thermal absorber heat exchanger that can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of PV panels. This thermal absorber heat exchanger can easily be installed into the space behind any standard solar panels by a DIY person. The patent-protected innovation is equipped with a smart controller system with a powerful optimization engine that smartly controls the performance of the heat exchanger. 


    • Higher electricity production;
    • Improves the effective lifespan of solar panels;
    • Improves the return on investment of solar panels;
    • Does not use expensive fluids;
    • Do not need any changes in the geometry of the panel: in this absorber system, there will be no need to change the structure of the PV panel, while the use of other systems (in comparison) will change the structure of both the panel itself and the supporting bases;
    • Does not need high maintenance compared to other cooling systems;
    • Supports the net zero concepts and does not produce carbon dioxide as such;
    • Is resilient to climate/weather change.

Why should you invest CAESL Smart Solar Panels?

Our invention can improve the electricity production and lifespan of solar panels by 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can smart solar panels do?

The solar panels generate electricity to power our homes and businesses, but they do so much more than that. They can also be used to heat water and provide ventilation.

Solar panels are not just a source of renewable energy, they are also a way to help conserve the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

How are smart solar panels different than traditional solar panels?

Traditional solar panels are made up of silicon cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Smart solar panels, on the other hand, have a built-in computer system that can monitor and control the power output.

The computer system is programmed to detect changes in weather patterns or other external conditions and change the power output accordingly. For example, when there’s a storm approaching, it will reduce the power output to avoid any damage to the panel.

How does the installation process for smart solar panels differ from traditional solar panels?

Traditional solar panels are installed on roofs or other surfaces and require a lot of space. They also need to be connected to the grid, usually requiring an electrician. On the other hand, smart solar panels can be installed anywhere. They are especially useful for homes that have limited roof space or lack an electrician.

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