Smart Greywater Recycling

As a result of population growth, urbanisation, economic growth and climate change, domestic water consumption has increased significantly. Therefore, water conservation has become very important. At Chamberlains Aqua & Enregy Systems Limited (CAESL), we offer different innovative water efficiency solutions; one of which is Grey Water Recycling (GWR). GWR allows the conservation and effective reuse of water in buildings.

Greywater refers to any domestic wastewater produced, excluding black water (wastewater produced in the toilet). Black water contains very high amount of organic matters in comparison with greywater. The main sources of greywater are wastewater generated in baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and kitchen sinks, however many GWR technologies cannot properly deal with the wastewater produced in the last two. Proportion of greywater to the whole household wastewater varies depending on household characteristics and water use habits, but it is generally about 40 to 80% of a household’s wastewater.

Our team design smart GWR systems powered by the internet of things and artificial intelligence, enabling the treated water to be stored and re-disinfected when necessary. It also helps in directing the treated wastewater for reuse in different parts of the building when needed. The smart GWR will result in consuming much less energy compared to existing GWR systems in the market.   


  • Reduction in water use by 50 per cent.
  • Reduction in discharged wastewater to the sewerage
  • Significant reduction in mains water and sewage bills (up to 50%)
  • Shorter payback period compared to existing GWR systems in the market
  • Can be combined with rainwater harvesting
  • Tax savings
  • No chemicals required

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