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At CAESL we can offer an efficient solution to heat your home or business and reduce your heating bill.

Smart Controllers

More intelligent home and building products, or ‘smart’ systems, are becoming more common, and are offering significant energy and water savings compared to manually controlled systems. The most important components of these systems are the controllers ,or programmers, which are like the brain of the system. These can be connected to and synchronised with your boiler, heat pump, radiators, lamps, rainwater harvesting systems, and any other energy and water appliances. Our team designs tailored smart controllers for each customer, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

For small settings, we often offer smart thermostats which easily enable the user to control the temperature of each room.

The smart thermostats can be connected to different types of radiators and can have an interactive LCD/LED display on the body of the radiator. The thermostat works by registering your preferences and then learning your patterns of heating your house. The system can then optimise itself such that your house or building is heated and there is sufficient hot water whenever you need it, saving energy when you do not. Naturally the system can still be controlled by you, and many systems use remote control so that you can control your home from anywhere.

For larger buildings or settings, we conduct a very comprehensive survey on water and energy consumption, water leakage, energy loss calculation and visualisation etc. The results will be analysed by means of several pieces of software and applications. The findings will then be incorporated in to the smart controllers’ settings.


    • More easily controlled temperature and water and energy usage
    • More sustainable building
    • Significant reduction in water and power consumption
    • Lower utilities bills

Why to invest in smart controllers?

Smart controllers can make your home/building more convenient and help you save significantly on your energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart controller?

A smart controller is an electronic device used to automatically control energy and water
consumption. It uses advanced algorithms to optimize the use of resources in order to reduce costs
and improve efficiency

How does a smart controller work?

A smart controller works by monitoring the usage of energy or water over time, then using this
data to adjust its settings accordingly in order to optimize resource use. This helps reduce waste and
save money on utility bills

What are the benefits of using a smart controller?

Smart controllers offer many benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint, saving you money
on utility bills, increasing efficiency, providing better insights into your resource usage patterns, and
helping you make better decisions about how much energy or water should be consumed.

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