Heat Pumps

With the UK banning gas boilers in new homes from 2025, the need for alternative heating methods is growing rapidly. Heat pumps offer a lower carbon solution to heating your home or business space by using electricity to generate heat rather than burning gas. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one point to another through the use of a special refrigerant liquid. This liquid is heated by the air or another source (the outside temperature does not need to be high!) which turns it to a gas. The gas is put through a compressor which causes the temperature to rise further. This heat can then be passed through the central heating system of your house or business, warming it up.

There are multiple types of heat pumps but the main two types are air source and ground source heat pumps. As the names suggest, air source heat pumps use the heat in the air to run the heat pump, whilst ground source uses the heat in the ground. The specific system you may need will vary based on your requirements and energy usage, however systems can be fully tailored to your individual needs. At CAESL we can offer an efficient solution to heat your home or business and reduce your heating bills, based on an intensive and comprehensive AI based analysis of your current usage and demands.

These systems can be a particularly green solution when paired with renewable energy, such as solar panels on your house or office, which can greatly reduce utilities bills both in the short and long terms.


    • Reduced carbon emissions, and the potential to be 100% carbon free if paired with renewable energy generation systems
    • Provides cooling as well as heating
    • Long life span
    • Lower running costs, particularly when gas prices are high
    • Less maintenance compared to traditional heating methods
    • Eligible for the RHI scheme

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