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Energy and Water Technical Audit for Microlink PC Limited (Chandler’s Ford, UK)

In our mission to integrate environmental stewardship with operational efficiency, we at Chamberlains Aqua [and Energy] Systems Limited recently completed a significant project for Microlink PC Limited in Chandler’s Ford, UK. Our focus was a comprehensive energy and water technical audit, tailored to meet the unique needs of Microlink PC Limited. 

  • Project Insights: Our team’s engagement with Microlink PC Limited was multi-dimensional, encompassing: 

Holistic Energy and Water Audit: We undertook a thorough examination of critical systems and operations. This included detailed assessments of HVAC systems, building façades, and production lines. Our approach was both methodical and strategic, ensuring no aspect of potential efficiency gains was overlooked. 

Solar Power Plant Feasibility: A key part of our audit was the feasibility study for the development of a solar power plant. This study was aimed at determining the potential for sustainable energy generation, aligning with our commitment to renewable energy solutions. 

  • Sustainable Outcomes: Our audit was not just about identifying areas for improvement; it was about delivering actionable solutions. We identified 14 potential sustainability solutions, each carefully crafted to provide substantial environmental and operational benefits: 
    • Carbon Emission Reduction: Our strategies are projected to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 12,480 kg CO2e annually. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and reduces the environmental footprint of Microlink PC Limited. 
    • Energy Savings: We anticipate a significant reduction in energy usage, with potential savings of around 22,006 kWh per year. This not only contributes to environmental conservation but also enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for Microlink PC Limited. 

The project with Microlink PC Limited is a testament to our expertise at Chamberlains Aqua [and Energy] Systems Limited in delivering tailored solutions that meld environmental sustainability with business efficacy. Our commitment to this dual objective continues to drive our efforts in helping businesses like Microlink PC Limited achieve their sustainability goals while optimising their operational processes. 

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