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NetZeroPASS: Revolutionising Housing Assessments for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

Chamberlains Aqua [and Energy] Systems Limited, in a collaborative initiative with Microlink PC Limited and funded by Innovate UK, is at the forefront of developing NetZeroPASS. This groundbreaking scheme, currently under development, represents our unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable living environments, with a special focus on supporting those with special needs. 

  • Understanding the Need: In England, the significant impact of inadequate housing on health, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and residents in care houses and council homes, is a pressing concern. With millions of households grappling with housing issues and the NHS facing substantial costs due to poor housing, the urgency for a comprehensive solution is clear. 
  • The Vision of NetZeroPASS: 
    • Development Goal: CAESL, in partnership with Microlink PC Limited and supported by Innovate UK, is developing the NetZeroPASS scheme. This initiative aims to transform energy and water efficiency in housing while prioritizing people-centric solutions alongside technological innovation. 
    • Technological Integration: The scheme is envisioned to be driven by a web-based application utilizing Advanced Machine Learning (AML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). This cutting-edge approach aims to make housing assessments faster, more cost-effective, and inclusive, especially for individuals with disabilities. 
  • Collaboration with Microlink PC Limited: Our partnership with Microlink PC Limited, a leader in assistive technologies, is instrumental in ensuring that NetZeroPASS is attuned to the needs of those with health conditions. This collaboration underscores our commitment to developing people-focused solutions within the NetZeroPASS framework. 
  • Anticipated Impact: 
    • Towards a NetZero Future: Although still in the development phase, NetZeroPASS is poised to aid in reducing healthcare costs associated with poor housing and enable housing associations to make informed decisions in line with NetZero objectives. 
    • Promising Prospects: The scheme is expected to offer improved living conditions and energy and water efficiency, charting a course towards a sustainable and NetZero future. 
  • Technical Aspects of Development: The development of NetZeroPASS is centered on enhancing the existing energy and water assessment framework, with a special emphasis on assisting individuals with special needs. The project is focused on: 
    • Enhancing Accuracy: The aim is to deliver precise and reliable assessments concerning energy and water usage, optimizing both building efficiency and inhabitant well-being.
    • Tailoring Solutions: Integrating people-centered solutions through behavioral surveys and questionnaires, the scheme seeks to offer cost-effective ways to significantly reduce resource consumption and emissions.
    • Prototyping: A key milestone in this development phase is the creation of the first prototype of the NetZeroPASS tool, setting a new benchmark in housing assessments.

As NetZeroPASS progresses through its development stages, it epitomises CAESL’s dedication to creating solutions that are environmentally sound and empathetic to diverse community needs. This project is not just about innovation; it’s about shaping a future where sustainable living is accessible and beneficial for all.

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