Solar-based and low energy water treatment systems

There are a wide range of water and wastewater treatment systems empowered by solar based electricity and are designed to purify low quality, brackish or saline water, and softening hard water.

The systems have a wide range of applications, in both the residential and commercial sector. By fitting the water treatment system with advanced filtration systems, pure drinking water can be generated. The scalability of the size of systems means that this could be used in any building from small residential houses to large hotels.

In industrial processes, large quantities of waste water is generated and must legally be treated. Using solar based water treatment systems allows not only the treatment of the water but also the recycling and reuse of the water, which can result in significant cost and carbon savings.

Since all the system can run directly off solar panels and do not require a grid system to be in place, there are significant applications for remote areas which operate as a microgrid. This can generate clean drinking water or treatment of waste water which would otherwise cause a health hazard.


    • Improving the quality of mains water
    • Zero electricity consumption
    • Low maintenance
    • Promoting sustainability
    • Short payback period compared to many other water treatment systems
    • Suitable for remote area deployment

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