Solar Thermal & Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
Whilst everybody is familiar with solar panels, there are a number of other solutions which can be exploited alongside or instead of solar panels. Solar thermal is used in heating systems, and very simply uses the heat produced by the sun to heat up water within the heating system of the house, storing hot water ready for use.Building integrated photovoltaic systems encompass a range of different solutions, all of which use solar power to generate electricity for your house or business. CAESL specialises in;

  • Solar windows, balconies and glasses
  • Solar roofs
  • Solar façade and cladding

Solar windows and glasses allow you to use any glass areas on a building to act as a solar panel and generate electricity. This has applications for not only offices or houses, but also areas such as bus stops. Solar roofs can either be dedicated panels fixed onto the roof of the building, or specifically designed solar tiles, which look like normal tiles but in fact produce energy. Solar façade and cladding is an exciting developing industry which enables the panels and cladding on buildings to work as solar panels to produce electricity for the building. With many flats and offices having vast vertical faces which would otherwise be wasted, façade and cladding offers a significant opportunity to generate power within the building itself.As with most modern systems, these can be controlled by a smart system within the home or business. CAESL can perform an assessment on your house or business, using your current usage and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine which combination of solar panels, thermal systems or building integrated systems are best for your individual need.


  • Reduced carbon emissions, and the potential to be carbon neutralized 
  • Significant savings on energy bills
  • Very low maintenance costs


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